Searching and Querying Linked Data

Just as a language learner must learn to ask questions and converse with native speakers, learners of Linked Data must learn how to query datasets and explore their characteristics.

  • Discovering vocabularies
    • Vocabulary discovery tools

8 thoughts on “Searching and Querying Linked Data

  1. Is there any vocabulary discovery tool availble on web?Would you please just recommand it here? Thank you.

  2. In “using the SPARQL query language”
    SPARQL Frontend – Pubby

    In “Discovering vocabularies”
    (1) Linked Open Data Cloud (static and dynamic) –Interface & Interaction Level
    (2) Linked Open Datasets registry services eg. Data hub ( which include detailed information about specific dataset.
    Learners could browse existed datasets by subject and search by keyword.
    Additionally, learner could click one circle of LOD Cloud to link to that dataset page in LOD registry services.

  3. SPARQL can be intimidating for beginners. An understanding of this language (as well as the other two areas in this section) relies on learner’s prior knowledge of schema-based data structures (XML, database), which many of them may not have. It would be more learner friendly if schema-based data structures and their roles in formulating structured queries are added at the very beginning.

  4. Lee Fisher comments: Currently working on programming Jena, with LD datasets, learning OWL and SPARQL, and Protege. I’m slowing working on a book on Apache Jena LD programming. Perhaps an ‘open courseware’ style community-edited LD textbook could be part of your project?

  5. The final version of the Inventory of Learning Topics, with modifications in light of comments received, is posted here:

    The project sponsors are grateful for the input received so far, and they invite additional comments on the page linked above. All additional input will inform future implementation plans for the Learning Linked Data project.

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